Donderdag Tao Yin 18.30-19.45, docent Sara Asprilla

Direct the chi using the power of the mind-eye-heart.


Tao yin (sometimes referred to as Taois Yoga or Tao of Revitalization) has a six-thousand-year-long history and was  practiced by Taoist to cultivate Chi. Tao Yin is the precursor of Iron Shirt Chi Kung or Tai Chi and marcial arts like kung fu.


The Tao Yin exercises  are all performed in either lying or sitting positions. They provide unique benefits that cannot be so readily achieved in standing or moving practices, such as Iron Shirt Chi Kung or Tai Chi. Improved patterns of physical alignment and movement will recondition the spine and refresh the body by opening chi flow in the meridians. Tendons and psoas muscles will be imbued with the power of elasticity, and the spine becomes more flexible. Employing the dynamic principle of 'finding the straight in the curve' enables the practitioner to grow and strengthen the tendons and to cultivate their elasticity.

They integrate the subtle power of the breath and mind in the process. The practitioner learns to train and develop 'Yi,' the mind-eye-heart power.


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